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Your result for The Personality Plus Profiler Test...

Choleric Phlegmatic

7 Sanguine, 36 Melancholy, 43 Choleric, 50 Phlegmatic

Your test results showed you to be a Choleric Phlegmatic?!

My friend, this is nearly impossible. Not even bipolar people usually can get this result. Cholerics & Phlegmatics are such utter opposites. This would mean you are a easy-going person who doesn't need to lead, who is a born leader and always takes charge.

But okay, if this is you, then you are not particularly enthusiastic, nor excitable. You are steady and hard working. You know the answer to every problem and steadily implement it. You either have very few friends and/or you are a great listener who does not do most of the talking. When you do talk, it is either to agree with someone's proposal, or to propose your own. This must be a very interesting life you lead! You thrive on opposition, and are good under pressure. You lead by creating group consensus, mediating problems and seeking practical answers.

At your worst you are either indecisve or bossy. So easy going as to be lazy, or so hard working as to be neurotically driving everyone crazy. You are most certainly a weirdo, or societies most perfect member. Hail to you who is Choleric Phlegmatic!

Curious about the 4 temperment types?
here are links to the 4 basic results you can get.


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Don. S. Davis 1942-2008

It is such a shame to lose such a great actor and a wonderful and warm person.
He will be missed.

His credits include;

Stargate SG1 & SGA
Twin Peaks
The x Files
Con Air
Flash Gordon (tv series)
21 Jump Street
Look who's talking 1 & 2
A league of their own

For a full listing visit imdb -  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0204493/

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The Sentimental Conversation Pt1 (The one with Michael Weatherly)
Screencaps and x2 Wallpapers


*Dances round the room*

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 The con was good, much better than I was expecting it to be but I think that was more because of the company than the con itself, which soooo needs to be organised better! Seriously!!!
We were hoping to go shopping round London, but we had to stick around the con to get to see Amanda and Co which really pissed me off, but it turned out okay because we ended up getting a free signed by all 3 Sanctuary postcard after the talk - which saved me some money and hanging around. I also saw James Morrison - who is just soo cool and so polite bless him *Squee* He really made my day - apart from him thinking I was like 15! lol
I finally found the Jareth figure which is awesome and Hayley and I brought some great piccies of GibbsGibbsGibbs :D  Can't wait for the next con, sooo have to put more effect into the dressing up part - such a laugh! tehe

We ended up getting the train home a lot later than we had planned, but heeheee it was fun and very squee worthy - right Hayley? teeeeheeeee

Adam's fancy dress party was soo good, and everyone looked soo good dressed up! :D:D:D
Can't to see the piccies of that one! :D - Heeeheeeeheeee can't wait for next weekend :D:D:D

Hopefully seeing Connie and Hayley tomorrow and then working next week - sooo need the money!

x x x

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I handed in the last of my work today, after spending 3 days solid on 3 pieces of work and drinking far, far, far too much mountain dew!! That is it! Alll finished! YAY!!!!
I also got my mark for my dissertation - 60! :D
Which was my realistic target, and was hoping for something in the 60s, but I thought I was more likely to get something in the 50s so I am happy about that. :D:D:D
Just hope that the other pieces of work all pass!

Yay London Expo tomorrow :D

Peace out :P
x x x

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My weekend was great!

Frame of Mind: cheerfulcheerful

WOOOOOOO **does a little dance** I have finished, bound and handed in my dissertation!!!! 3 days early too!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Only another 5 more pieces of work to do now **sigh**

God I am B.O.R.E.D!!!! I should be working on my Dissertation - god I hate that word - as I have to hand in a complete draft on thursday to be checked through and everything but I just can't get myself to concentrate - I'm sooo bored!!! I have done 5000 words out of the 10000, so its not really THAT bad, - I guess... well I keep telling myself anyway ... I can do it, got loads of time..... **sigh** Can't wait for uni to be over, I've gotten over the whole fear of leaving uni coz I dont know what to do next - I've just had enough of it now and want out fcol! I mean come on 7 years of higher education!!! thats a lot!!!!

I've been really busy lately, but haven't really done much.. I got my job at the playscheme back and have been working there over the easter hols, its been fun, busy as always but not as bad as it was when there was 40 -50 kids to deal with instead of the 20 we had. All knew people as well, expect for one who I only saw for one day, so it was weird getting used to how they did things and how they let the kids run riot - I think I was the only one telling the kids not the jump on eachother, sit on tables, run around while eating lunch - the others just let them do it! Amy, the woman I had worked with before, agreed with me thou about how bad they just let the kids be free was, so I felt better about not being a control freak lol. But it was fun thou, sure breaks up the day and plus money!!! woo One of the kid's surname was Gibbs which made me chuckle as well.

Tee came down last weekend which was great :D and we went round Jonsy's and saw Animal for the first time in ages, Tee seemed to enjoy himself which was good :D We played lots of Wii and totally wrecked our arms for the rest of the weekend lol bloody baseball!!! I will beat you one day tee!!! I will!

Ooo had a great chat with KateToddfan tonight, who I haven;t spoken to in a while, we discovered we had more in common then we first realized which was great - nice to find someone else that had the same feelings about characters and storylines of NCIS that I did, especially when other friends either dont understand the problem or are soo sick of hearing about it.

Been watching lots of M*A*S*H recently - it really is a great show, so I'm hoping to get all 11 seasons on DVD when I have some money - prob after I pay for Burbank lol

Yay its nearly C11 and its gonna be great coz Hayley and Connie are coming to see Spike, and Tee and I are going dressed up and meeting Mo up there yay!!!! I'm soo excited about it :D No plans for the day that I refuse to acknowledge because it only causes badluck as of yet but Hayley is moving in to Jonsey's flat the day before so there will be a party for that yay! And Tee will be back down that weekend, not sure which days yet thou but yay C11!!!! woooooooo!!!

Okay I should really just go to bed, as I have to get up early to actually DO some work on my Dissertation before it kills me **sigh**  It would be alright but I know I have another 5 pieces of work due in at the end of May as well which I will soon have to start one **sulk** I hate Uni - I wanna go back to college, college was fun, college was waterfights, skipping class, laying in the sun, food fights etc **sigh**

Bravo Yankee Echo
I'm sure my next post will be about c11 and the outrage of what they have done in the season final on NCIS tehe

x x x

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Hey everyone just thought I would post a quick update as I haven't in ages and I warn you all now that I have been drinking so I do apologies for any mis-spelling and typos :D

Had such a great night to night, when round Adam's and spent the evening with Adam, Corrine and Parker and had such a great time, laughed lots and drank lots too! lol The only thing missing was Hayley as she was off seeing Russel Brand :D
We had such a great chat and catch up, got a lot of stuff off of my chest about things that have been bothering me recently. I hope we can get together next week as well - I miss everyone and don't get to see them nearly enough as I would like to, which is a shame.

Aside from work at the Bridge for the 60's event and uni work I haven't really been up to much recently aside from worring about money issues and work and what the hell I am gonna do after uni - which is a very scary thought!
My love life still sucks - enough said about that!
I need to start taking my iron tablets again because Ive been really tired and started to have headaches again so Ive started taken them again, I hope to get my usual non existing sleep pattern back soon.
other than that thats about it for my life at the mo so I will leave you all at that :D

Thanks guys for such a great night :D

x x x
x x x

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